400 Small Block Swap - Timeline

Day 1: (Dave, Kelly, Glenn) - Wednesday Nov 20/02
Picked up engine from Kenstington Transport
Dropped Engine off at Glenn place,
Assembly new engine jack, engine stand and setup motor on stand
Removed Flywheel

Day 2: (Dave, Glenn) - Thursday Nov 21/02
Tear down of Top End of motor
Removed manifold & 2bbl, valve covers, water pump, distributor
Removed Heads
Inspect motor and check codes off block
Inspect heads

(Discovered block may be a 4-bolt main)

Day 3: (Dave, Glenn, Jen) - Saturday Nov 23/02
(Block is a 2-bolt main despite code on block)
Tear down bottom end
Remove CAM & Lifters
Remove Piston & Connecting Rods
Remove Main Caps
Prepared Block for Hot Tanking & Magniflexing

Day 4: (Dave) - Monday Nov 25/02
Priced work need on Block & Crank

Day 5: (Dave, Glenn) - Tuesday Jan 7/03
Did some research on what kind of heads to run, type of pistons, type of bore
Loaded block & crank into trunk to take in to HEADS UP!

Day 6: (Dave, Glenn, Dan Klim) - Wednesday Jan 8/03
Dropped off block @ HEADS UP!
Talked to Dan about various methods and ways to go
Was advised block will need to be bored .030 and crank will need a grind.

Day 7: (Dave)
Paid off Block Work @ HeadsUp! and arrange to pickup and haul to Glenn's.

Day 8: (Dave, Kelly, Glenn)
Dropped off Block @ Glenn's and bolt onto Engine Stand

Day 9:
Clean up Engine Parts from disassembling of Engine

Day 10: (Glenn) - Friday Mar 14/03
Pickup Delivery from Canadian High Performance from Post Office

Day 11: (Dave, Glenn, Jen & Jill) - Saturday Mar 15/03
Unpack Goodies from Canadian High Performance
Cleanup Oil Pan & Valve Covers from Parisenne's old 305 Motor
Call Randy regarding Head Work, dropped Heads off and Parts from CompCam Kit
Disassemble Disc Brakes and clean Parts in Parts Wash Bin

Day 12: (Dave) - Tuesday Mar 25/03
Phone call from Randy, Heads are ready for pickup.

Day 13: (Dave, Kelly) - Wednesday Mar 26/03
Swing by Randy's, pick up Heads and take back to Kelly's place.

Day 14: (Dave) - Wednesday Apr 2/03
Drop oil pan off with a friend to have it sandblasted

Day 15: (Dave, Glenn) - Friday Apr 4/03
Glenn picked up Oil Pan for me
Cleaned up Glenn's Garage, Unwrap block, and chase threads.
- Broke chase in top screw hole on Cyl #8
Load block into trunk of Parisienne and head to HeadsUp! tomorrow for assistance.

Day 16: (Dave, Jen, Dan, Glenn) - Saturday Apr 5/03
Called up Dan Klim, he was able to remove broken tap in his garage, 3 screwdrivers, 7 drill bits and 2 hours later.
Begin assembling bottom end
- Install Main Bearings and Caps, & Rear Main Seal
- Gap rings for Pistons @ 0.029
- Install pistons
- Torque down bottom end

Day 17: (Dave, Jen, Glenn) - Sunday Apr 6/03
Looked over 'Rebuilding a Small Block' and noticed pistons were installed upside-down
Unbolt and rotate pistons 180 degrees, replaced few bearings that were marked/scoared.
Torque down Bottom End, and oil up
Bolted up NEW Oil Pump & Pickup
Begin assembling Top End
- Installed CAM
- Line up TDC @ 12
- Installed Heads and torqued down
- Installed Lifters, Push Rods
Install Oil Pan
Plug open ports and begin painting motor 'Chevy Orange'

Day 18: (Glenn) - Monday Apr 7/03
Gave motor a few more coates of paint

Day 19: (Dave, Glenn) - Tuesday Apr 8/03
Visited Glenn, cleaned up Garage alittle
Wiped off fuzz from rags on block

Day 20: (Dave, Kelly) - Monday Apr 14/03
Begun tear down of old 350, removed fluids, hoses, wiring harness

Day 21: (Dave, Kelly) - Tuesday Apr 15/03
Pulled 350 out of the car
Cleaned Engine Bay
Clean up old pullies & brackets and prep for paint
Clean up old Valve Covers and pick the best 2 and prep for paint
Painted Pullies and Brackets

Day 22: (Dave, Kelly) - Wedensday Apr 16/03
Reprep and repaint Pullies, Alternator Brackets.
Prep and Paint Water Pumps
Cleaned, Prep and Painted Engine Compartment
Clean up Transmission
Attempt to fix bent Tranny Line

Day 23: (Dave, Glenn & Kelly-Late Afternoon) - Thursday Apr 17/03
Hook up 400 to Engine Jack
Swap 350 onto Engine Stand
Assembly engine to tranny
Lower Engine & Trans. into engine bay
Boltup Motor Mounts, install Heddars
Bolt up tranny crossmember, driveshaft
Bolt Up Exhaust
Hook up Gauges to Block
Install Waterpump, Alternator
Hook up Electrical
Hook up Hoses
Hook up Carb & Linkage
- Tranny Kickdown Linkage is jammed
Add Fluids to Motor

Day 24: (Dave, Glenn, Kelly, Kyle, Jennifer, Terry) - Friday Apr 18/03
Install distributor (180 out)
Attempt Burn-In, but car wouldn't start and heard a loud LOUD BANG!
Investigate motor, and reinstall Distributor Properly at 12 TDC
Car Started right up, ran for 20 minutes at 2000-3500 rpm
Note: Tranny Coolant Line is leaking.

Day 25: (Dave, Kelly) - Monday Apr 21/03
Drain Anti-Freeze and pull out Radiator

Day 26: (Dave, Kelly) - Tuesday Apr 22/03
Kelly to deliver radiator to CUSTOM RAD in morning
Pickup radiator, was not finished as expected, so I told them no prob, cya later
Went Cruisin' in Kelly's Car

Day 27: (Dave, Kelly) - Wedensday Apr 23/03
Received phone call from Custom Rad, Rad is ready
Pickup Radiator from Custom Rad
Install Rad into car, burp cooling system

Day 28: (Dave, Kelly) - Saturday May 24/03
Install MSD Module and just ran wires in preparation of hooking up

Day 29: (Dave) - Tuesday May 27/03
Wire up MSD Module, needed 'Kill Switch' because car would remain running even with
battery disconnected. Only way to shut off car was to cut power to MSD Module

Day 30: (Dave) - Friday June 6/03
Downloaded MSD 6 Series Documentation to figure out 'Run-On' problem.
Install diode into Alternator to prevent run-on (as per TroubleShoot Instructions)
Add Wire Wrap to cover wiring to module
Sealed up all connections with Shrink-Tube

Day 31: (Dave, Glenn) - Friday June 20/03
Installed Subframe Connectors - Completed Driver Side
Spun subframe nut on passenger side
- Had to cut ?x? square in floor to gain access to bolt

Day 32: (Dave, Glenn) - Saturday June 21/03
Installed Subframe Connectors - Passenger Side
Welded bolt to floor/frame
Installed new subframe bolts/washer on both sides
Patched and Welded up 'Metal Patch' for interior floor
Added Bolt/Washer/Nut to patch mis-drilled hole in floor

Day 33: (Dave, Kelly, Glenn Scott) - Monday August 11/03
Install Dual 3" Aluminumized Exhaust with FlowPro Vforce Mufflers
Welded front of subframe connectors to front frame

.... and the rest is history!

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