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Had the motor shipped from Saskatoon, SK - Only costed me $75 overnight on a crate. My good friend Kelly was nice enough to use his truck to pickup the motor and help me get it out to Glenn's.

Had to rush out after work to Princess Auto to purchase an Engine Jack. I made arrangements to borrow a friends jack, but couldn't get it till the weekend which is when I was expecting the motor.

After arriving at Glenns', we quickly put the jack and stand together and unload the motor and connect it to the stand.

Time to disassemble the motor and inspect it. Chris was nice enough to let me take apart the motor and check it out before deciding whether or not I'd want to keep it.

Had some troubles getting the ol'intake off, but luckly I kept a cool head and with a little help from a rubber hammer

Disassembly of the Engine continues ...

Pull off the Oil pan to inspect the underside ...

All disassembled and everything looks good ...

A picture of Glenn there on the right. It would appear I left my camera at his place .... hahaha!

Once again, I've gone to HeadsUp for the machining work needed for the block. Well, not necessarly HeadsUp. I went back especially to have Dan Klim do the work.

Dan has a good name around the cruisin' scene for his machining skills and engine building.

Picking up my block and stuff, including a set of Keith Black Hypertentic pistons (#159 with a 12cc Dish). I didn't want to go crazy on the compression. I want a decent motor which would run fine on regular pump gas.

Cleaning up some other parts of the motor.

YOU'VE GOT MAIL ... My parts from Canadian Hi-Performance in BC have arrived !!

I purchased an Engine Rebuild Kit, which came with a complete gasket set, upgraded my kit to include Moly Rings, as well as Main & Rod Bearings.

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