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January 1998 -- At the Body Shop

Photo of front fender in primer Photo showing rust cut out of quarter panel

These photos were taken at the body shop. The front fender has been stripped and etch primed. The door is off to have some rust cut out and a lower patch panel welded in place. The hood also had quite a bit of rust along the front edge so we ended up replacing that with a better one off a parts car.

There was a fair amount of rust on the driver side quarter panel. The passenger side wasn't as bad, but both sides were cut out and replaced with patch panels from the wheel opening forward. This photo also shows the several layers of paint that were on the car.

Photo of left side primered

November 1999 -- Fresh Paint

Photo of the freshly painted Impala

The Impala was painted with Dupont ChromaBase/Clear in its original color of Ermine White.

December 1999 -- Re-Assembly

About a week after the car came back from the body shop, we started putting it back together.

Photo of the rear trim pieces being put back on after paint Photo of the front trim pieces/grille put back on after paint

We used re-chromed bumpers from Bumper Boyz, a nice used grille, and NOS hood lip molding and fender trim to complete the front end. The hood emblem, fender emblems, and fender spears are all excellent reproductions from Trim Parts.

Update: I have read mixed reviews about the quality of Bumper Boyz re-chroming. Evidently, we got lucky because the bumpers we received were quite nice looking and have held up very good over the years (this update written in 2014). Our only complaint is with one of the cores they supplied/used ... the inside had some rather heavy rust pitting damage. But that part isn't very visible once installed.

Another photo of the front with hood open

We also converted the car to power brakes by adding a good used factory brake booster.

Another photo of the front of the completed outside

The original body side moldings were in rough shape with lots of dings, scratches, and damage to the "engine turned" aluminum inserts. So Dad purchased a complete set of reproduction 63 SS side molding from Impala Bob's. This set included:

Photo of the interior with new package tray Photo of the interior with dash re-assembled

Next, we installed new door and roof rail weatherstripping. We also put in some of the new interior parts (package tray and dash pad) before taking the car to a local upholstery shop for the rest of the interior work.