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1962 - 1979 Chevy II / Nova Parts Interchange

Please note that these are NOT lists of parts for sale. The purpose of these lists is to help fellow Nova enthusiasts determine which restoration and repair parts will fit their car.

The information presented here comes from various sources such as parts catalogs, online bulletin boards, old collision estimating guides, and personal experience.

The '62 - '67 parts lists are still in the early stages of development so there may be some inaccuracies.

Please send me an e-mail at ray_mcavoy@yahoo.com if you notice any errors in these lists.

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General Body Style Differences (2 door / 4 door / hardtop / sedan / station wagon / convertible)

Both 2 and 4 door cars are the same from the firewall forward. Floor pans, trunk floors, and trunk lids are also interchangeable between 2 and 4 door cars. Dashboards, instrument panels, and steering columns are also the same. Front seats will also interchange, but 4 door seats do not fold ahead for access to the back seat.

All '68 - '79 2 and 4 door glass is entirely different between the two body styles. Most '62 - '67 glass is different as well, but windshields are common for 2 and 4 door sedans as well as wagons.

A hatchback was available from '73 - '79. These share many parts with 2 doors of the same year range ('73 - '74 and '75 - '79). The differences are in the rear window, rear seat, and rear interior pieces.

From '62 - '67, both coupe and sedan models were available. Sedans have a stationary frame around the side window openings. They are often called "post cars" due to the post that remains between the front/rear windows when they are both rolled down. Many parts will interchange between sedans and hardtops. The exceptions include the glass, associated trim, doors, and roof.

The '62 - '67 Chevy II/Nova was also available in a station wagon. Everything from the firewall forward is the same as all other body styles of the same year. Front doors are interchangeable with 4-door sedans. Rear doors are also interchangeable with 4-door sedans but require the wagon window frame to be transferred over to the replacement door. All other roof, rear window, and tailgate parts are pretty much unique to the station wagon body style.

Convertibles were available in '62 and '63. Many parts (such as the doors) are interchangeable with '62 - '65 2 door hardtops.

Interior Parts

Mechanical Parts

Other X-bodies (Omega, Ventura/Phoenix, and Apollo/Skylark)

Novas share a fair amount of common body panels with their X-body cousins of similar years.

Similar models/years include:

Common parts include:

The different parts include:

** Interior parts are generally physically interchangeable between Novas and same/similar year X-bodies. However, there are some upholstery pattern and emblem differences on some parts. The 78/79 Pontiac Phoenix dash and instrument panel is an exception. They used a unique instrument panel and what appears to be a 75/76 Nova style dash pad. The 77-79 Buick Skylarks and Olds Omegas appear to use the same basic style instrument panels and dash pads as 77-79 Novas.

Camaros and Firebirds

1967 - 1969 Camaros and Firebirds share a few parts in common with 1968 - 1974 Novas. The front subframe and suspension components are interchangeable. Lower windshield molding, wiper motors, and wiper transmissions, and wiper arms are also interchangeable. 1969 Camaro steering columns are interchangeable with 1969 to 1974 Nova columns. Much of the firewall, cowl, and dash structure appears to be common between '67 - '69 Camaros and '68 - '74 Novas as well.

1967 - 1969 Camaro rear axle assemblies are interchangeable with 1968 - 1979 Nova rearends. However, most Camaros in this year range were equipped with an 8.2" 10-bolt axle assembly which would only be considered an upgrade if replacing a 7.5" 10-bolt. Some '67 - '69 Camaros were equipped with 8.875" 12-bolts but those are rather rare.

1970 - 1981 Camaros and Firebirds share some parts with 1975 - 1979 Novas. The front subframes are different due to radiator support, bumper, and body mount location differences. However, the front suspension and steering components are interchangeable. Note that the outer front wheel bearing size was increased in 1979 so 79-81 spindles require the use of corresponding 79-81 brake rotors.

Please note that these are NOT lists of parts for sale. The purpose of these lists is to help fellow Nova enthusiasts determine which restoration and repair parts will fit their car.

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