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NOS Internationl Harvester Parts For Sale

The following are International Harvester parts from a local dealer that closed back in the 1990's.

Unless otherwise noted, these are new parts still in their original packaging. Some parts may have scuffs, scratches, or other blemishes due to age & "shelf wear".

Please contact me at: ray_mcavoy@yahoo.com if you would like to purchase any of these parts.

Additional photos, measurements, and other information available upon request.

  • Cub Cadet Kohler Engine Parts

  • Cub Cadet Mule Drive (partial assembly) #62303C91

    I believe this is a new bracket since it still has the "part number 62303 C91" sticker on the side and the paint is not worn off where it would attach to the tractor. However, it appears as though the guys at the dealership took this assembly apart and used some of the pieces to repair a customer's tractor. These are the only two parts of the assembly I found. There is some shelf wear in the form of a few scrapes and scratches as well as a bit of surface rust in a few spots.
    According to my research, this should fit wide frame Cub Cadet tractor models 86, 108, 109, 128, 129, 149, 169, 800, 1000, 1100, 1200, 1250, 1450, and 1650.
    Price: $35 + shipping

  • Holley 4bbl Carburetor # 467026C91

    New old stock 4 barrel carburetor. Has the part number "467026C91" stamped on the carb (and on the tag on the box). Carb is also stamped with "LIST - 7251" and "2448". I believe this is for 404, 446, and 537 cubic inch engines from the mid/late 70's but please check the numbers to make sure this is correct for your application.

  • Windshield Washer Fluid Bag # 996836R91

    New old stock IH windshield washer fluid bag # 996836 R91. Fits many applications. In good condition with minimal shelf wear.
    Price: $80 + shipping

  • Accelerator Pedal #414289C1

    New old stock accelerator pedal #414289 C1. I believe this fits Scout II applications.

  • Back Up Light Kit # 996611R91

    New in the box International Harvester # 996611 R91 back-up light kit. This light has a chrome housing and a small plate at the top with the IH logo. Includes the swich, wiring, and mounting hardware.

  • Miscellaneous IH Lenses

    This lot of lenses includes:

  • More Miscellaneous Lights & Lenses

    This lot of lights & lenses includes:

  • CATS EYE School Bus red lenses

  • Miscellaneous Marker Lenses

    This lot of lenses includes various red and amber marker light lenses. Some are marked "KD 556, LS 358, SAE P2PC7". Others have the nubmers "3156-061" and "3151-011" on the bags with "LS 315, SAE P1 69" on the lenses. There are also a couple of amber lenses marked "Weldon No. 5050, SAE P2PC77".
    Note: 2 of the LS 315 red lenses have been SOLD, 3 still available.
    Price: $5 each (or $70 for this whole lot of 18 lenses) + shipping

  • 11 Marker Light Assemblies

    Eleven aftermarket marker light assemblies. These are new parts but there are no numbers on the bags. The only markings on the lenses appear to be "B.P.E. 150".
    Price: $5 each (or $45 for the whole group of 11 assemblies) + shipping

  • Signal Stat 3136Y100 / IH #424541C91 housings & more marker lights

  • Pair of Grote #457 back up light lenses

    New pair of back up light lenses. Lenses are marked "GROTE 457" and "SAE R-73". They are in a bag with an IH part number tag but the tag is faded to the point where the IH part number is no longer visible. I believe these will fit many IH vehicles as well as some GM stepside pickups.
    Price: $10 for the pair + shipping

  • Chrome Gas Cap Handles #229448R1

    I have 3 of these #229448 R1 chrome gas cap handles available. I believe these fit Scout 80, 800, and possibly other applications. They are new old stock parts but the chrome finish does have some minor blemishes.
    Price: $30 each + shipping

  • IH Transtar wiper motor

    Sprague "Air-Push" wiper motor. Has IH # 468857C92 written in pencil. Data plate has Motor # T14461 (it's hard to read so I'm not sure about this number), Assy # GS1576, Shaft # GF-260-3, Date 10 83. This was laying on a shelf without any box but I think it is still a new unused part.
    Price: $70 + shipping

  • Hood Latches

  • Tachometer and Voltmeters

  • Fuel Level Gauges

    I have 5 different NOS fuel level gauges available for various pickup, Scout, Travelall, and other applications.

  • Oil Pressure Gauges

    I have 3 different NOS oil pressure gauges available for various applications.

  • Ammeters

    I have 4 different NOS ammeters available for various applications.

  • Instrument Cluster Voltage Regulators

    I have 3 of these available. All are new in the original packaging.

  • Temperature & Oil Sending Units

  • Oil Sending Unit #1513678C92, Switch #252527C1, and Oil Caps #129119H

  • Please contact me at: ray_mcavoy@yahoo.com if you would like to purchase any of these parts.

    Additional photos, measurements, and other information available upon request.

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