June 30, 2005

The transmission ended up needing overhauled. The clutches where blown along with several other things. Thanks goes to Kenneth Libby for doing that for me. So, now she's back and ready for some summer cruising!

May 12, 2005

I recently installed a Custom Autosound USA3 radio in my car. It looks great, and fits in the stock radio location. I put two 6x9 Pioneer speakers in the hatch in speaker boxes. Sounds fairly good, not CD quailty but I can't complain cause it looks good and didn't cost much.

I seem to be having some transmission problems unfortunatly, it wont shift into second gear.

Dec 10, 2004

I just completed my first semester of college, so I now have time for the Nova again. Me and my friend Mason went searching for the problem, and it turns out it was two bent pushrods. I was so happy because this is a easy fix, and Mason even had some pushrods that he gave me. So now the car is runnning again, and I am very happy about that. This summer, I plan to rebuild the engine.

Sept 17, 2004

Well, the the cam gear of the timing chain was bad. So, that was replaced (with a Cloyes timing chain set for now), along with a new shiny chrome timing chain cover. And it does start and run, however, there is a knocking sound and a popping through the carb. so there may be bigger problems. The initial thought is that the plastic teeth of the old cam gear got in the engine and took out a valve.

Click here to see the worn out cam gear.

July 14, 2004

I took my car to a local muffler shop (EQ Muffler) and had them put a better exhaust system on my car. The Nova now has 40 Series Flowmasters and 2 1/2 pipe all the way to the bumper. The bad news is the timing chain broke after I got home, so I didn't get to drive it much. There goes most of my next paycheck! (I'll probably fix a few other things while I'm doing that.)

June 05, 2004

Converted to HEI distributer and wires. Also put on a one inch spacer between the carb. and intake. The HEI distributer is an Accel and has helped the car run much better.

December 08, 2003

Put on exhaust, with two chrome tips sticking out in front of the rear wheels. Looks great.

November 06, 2003

Replaced stock wires with Accel Super Stock Spiral Core wires. Good thing too, because I found a half inch tear in one of the old wires while taking them off.

May 31, 2003

I put a Jeg's High Flow cast iron water pump on the Nova to replace the busted stock water pump. The nova is back on the road! Let's hope it stays that way for awhile.

May 29,2003

The stock thermostat housing has been replaced with a chrome Mr. Gasket thermostat housing.

May 26, 2003

The Nova is running better than ever, thanks to some recent upgrades. A new Edelbrock Performer 600cfm carb and Performer intake have replaced the stock parts. Also, the car now has Hedman Headers with Purple Hornie mufflers for a great, loud sound. A chrome air cleaner and chrome valve covers topped off the engine project. The bad news is I didn't get to drive it much before the water pump broke. A big thanks too my friend Mason Libby for helping me with this project :).

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