My car was originally purchased by my grandma for my mom in 1974 (as a High School graduation present). In 1986 (the year I was born) they decided they needed a bigger vehicle and left the nova to sit in a garage in my grandma's farm. It sat there for about several years before we moved it to our house to sit in our garage till 2000. So after 12 or so years of sitting in the garage, I finally convinced my mom to get the car running.

We got a friend of my mom to work on it. He got the engine running, rebuilt the brakes, replaced the shocks, ect. I have already started to learn about and work on my car myself, and plan to continue to learn more so I can work on it completely on my own.

It's mine now. I have always loved it, and plan to restore it completely (with some mods of my own of course). I can't see myself ever selling this car.

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