The 1967 Beaumont has a little more history but I will make it short, I purchased this car in July 1988 as a parts car for my first Beaumont, it was missing interior, steering column, motor, trans, wheels, needed a windshield and many other parts. Paid the $600 and towed the car home and the more I looked at it the more guilty I felt about parting it out, the paint was new, it had new springs, front end, and exhaust, the previous owner had dumped allot of money into the car and decided to part it out.

So with some more money and a little work the rest is history. The first Beaumont is still in the weeds awaiting a frame off one day.

The current motor is a SB 350, 9.5 -1 compression, Reed circle track cam, Holley 750 w/Contender high rise intake, re-worked heads, headers, and 2.5 exhaust w/crossover.

When this motor gets tired, the car will be getting a 406 SB stroker or a 454 BB.

The women come and go, but your cars will always be there for you !

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