About ChevyNova.ca

The madness behind my websites started February 18, 1999, after I started surfing the net. I came across various enthusiasts who had sites showcasing their chevy novas, and decided I wanted to put my nova on the net. That's when a co-worker and good friend of mine - Craig Bennett, (who already had a successful Joke Archive site) lent me some space on his web hosting server to put together a site for my Nova.

Dave's 1973 Nova Custom site was born, a website that started out 1 picture and 3 paragraphs.

Slowly it began to grow, adding text (story & history), pictures. I started to add links of other Nova sites I'd come across, and enjoyed visiting.

My website slowly grew and grew to what it is today, some 12+ years later. It's at the point where I really can't add much more to it. A far cry from my original intent of just having a little site showing off my Nova to the world.

My original intent was to put up a Nova site which would contain specs, stats and all information relating to ChevyII's & Novas. After coming across a site, (which to this very day is one of my favorite sites) Scott Windle's NOVARESOURCE.COM. I quickly realized I could never develop such a site without some form of copying/format of his site. I then decided to just focus on my Nova and setting up a decent site about the history of my car. I wanted to include some helpful information & reference tips, for others like me who enjoy tinkering/working on their cars and/or that I have found to be handy and/or helpful and which I've used myself. I expanded my links site to try and have the most up-to-date and current list of ChevyII/Nova related sites. Over time, I've come across many helpful and useful sites/links and my links section grew to where I had to divide it up into various sections.

About 2 years, the website was renamed Dave's Nova Site - 1973 Nova Custom. With Craig's help, we moved over to a new web hosting service. I was slowly starting to eat up Craig's webspace. As a christmas gift in 2003, Craig had registered CHEVYNOVA.CA for me. After the new year in 2004, I moved all my sites and content over to CHEVYNOVA.CA from HAPPY-GODS.COM.

With my Nova site as complete as it is, I started to slowly build little websites for some of my friends. Eric Anderson - Littleman's Dream was the first. Another site was setup for BEN MEISSNER, a gentlemen I met over the Nova ListServ Message Group. Ben has an amazing talent for drawing cars & art, I wanted Ben to have a spot to showcase his work to the world and a website for him shortly followed.

I hang around with various people, and have some friends with very nice cars. I wanted to give them a little place on the net, as it was once given to me. That's when Novaboy & Friends Site began.

Novaboy & Friends, was a site I designed to showcase my friend's cars in more detail. I wanted to keep my Nova Site, mostly about my Nova. This other site was to give my friends a little place, to showcase their rides. It didn't stop there. With some of my best friends, I went a little further and wrote them their very own website. As I wrote these other sites for my friends cars in more detail, I then decommissioned 'Novaboy & Friends' a short time later.

Kelly's Firebird Site, Chris Derksen's 69 Firebird Trans-Am Site, Will's Caprice SS Wagon Site, Shelly's 73 Chevelle SS Site, Logan's Fast 74 Nova all followed. As time moved on, I've created and expanded adding a few more websites for some of my friends.

September 1999, I started up a website to showcase other Novas in Winnipeg, which later became Nova Enthusiasts Of Winnipeg. With the help of a few other friends, we formed a small car club and used this site to show off our ChevyII/Nova's.

I created a second feature site in April 2005 on Chevynova.ca, when I purchased a 1974 Oldsmobile Omega. 'Slo-Mega - 1974 Oldsmobile Omega', and began to write and document everything on the Omega as I had done with on the Nova. Alot of work by some friends & myself was put into the Omega to get it where it is today. Everything was photographiced and documented. The Omega site is still growing ... :)

Another feature site was added in 2009, after I purchased a Ford 5.0L Mustang LX. 'Dave's 88 Ford Mustang 5.0L LX Site'. There isn't much to this site, besides a quick story and some pictures. (I know, I know ... it's a FORD .... and a Mustang!)

Dave's Nova Site - 1973 Nova Custom is and will ALWAYS be the MAIN feature site of Chevynova.ca. 'Slo-Mega - 1974 Oldsmobile Omega', Nova Enthusiasts of Winnipeg' will always be secondary and then followed by the website of my other cars and cars owned by my friends.

Where do I find the time ?? Well, mostly during the winter months it helped pass the time till spring, when the Nova would rumble again. On those cold winter nights, I would sat down in front of the computer, become a nerd and away I'd go. That was when I did most of the work on all of my sites.

Where did I learn to write sites ?? With the help of Craig and a few books, I soon began to write simple html pages. Haven't really gotten into any fancy coding or scripting, atleast not yet ... :) I would visit pages, view the source and just note how others have written up their pages or by just playing around. I've tried and experimented with all kinds & ways of coding. I use Notepad for all my text editing, Paint Shop Pro for all my picture editing, corping and to edit various clipart & animations ...

Well, it's been over 12+ years now for Dave's Nova Site - 1973 Nova Custom, don't really know where the site is going or what direction it will be taken. I've enjoyed the hundreds of emails I've received from surfers/viewers and other car enthusiasts from all over the world, with comments or stories about their Novas/Cars and the dreams they have for their rides. I've received many emails with people who just want to chat/correspond about Novas or Cars in general.

Thank You!. I sure hope my sites will be around for many more years to come, hopefully with some more updates and improvements. :)

That's pretty much it .... Thank You for visiting Chevynova.ca, I hope you have enjoyed your visit(s).