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Different Set of Wheels

I run 3 different sets of Wheels on my 73 Nova. The Moon Caps hubcaps, Dog dish hubcaps and Keystone Kustom Mags.

The 'Moon Caps' were the original hubcaps that came with the car when it was purchased. My dad wasn't a fan of them and when he sold his 70 Nova SS, he sold it with mag wheels and kept the hubcaps. Liking the look of the dog-dish hubcap better, my dad pulled off the 'Moons' and ran with the 'Dog-Dish' hubcaps.

I ran the 'Moons' for a bit back in 1997, but I didn't really like the look and they've been sitting in the garage ever since.

The 'Dog Dish' hubcaps have always been a favorite of mine, since I was a kid. I tend to run with them most of the time.

The last set of Wheels for the Nova are the 'Keystone Kustom' mags. 14x6 for the front and 15x7 for the back.

Every now and then, I'll throw the mag wheels on to dress up the car alittle. I find when I'm running with the mags, less people focus and comment on the rough shape of the body.

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