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(May 20) - 13.65@100.83mph Pass @ Gimli Motorsports
(Sept 23) - 14.03@98.45mph Pass @ Gimli Motorsports
After a quick tuneup, replaced a burnt cap & rotor, wires & plugs
13.98@98.72mph Pass @ Gimli Motorsports
Kept troubleshooting, found out I wasn't getting wide open throttle, so I put a spacer on the cable.
BAD MOVE, the throttle stuck open at the line, but I still pulled a (VERY) high 13.
Raced against Ken in his mustang in the other lane, he ran a 12.49


(July) - How the Exhaust system sounded ...
I've had people ask me how my exhaust system setup sounds, do I like it ... blah blah, so here's a sample.
IDLE is 1050-1200 rpm, and in Gear is around 900 rpm.


(June) - Arooga Horn
(June) - Cruisin' in the Nova beside Derek
(July) - 406K (Built by Dan Klim) - Idling in the garage ... (FloPro Mufflers)
(August) - 12.23@109.21mph Pass @ Interlake Dragway


(May) - 406K Dyno Pull @ DRAGMART!


(August 30) - Nova gets towed back to the Pit Area after making a pass!
(August 31) - Little bit of water got in the trunk after a huge downpour
(August 31) - Warming the Nova up, let it idle
(August 31) - Warming the Nova up, let it idle and walked around
(September 1) - Justin!, Get out of the way!
(September 16) - Nova Idling, Walk from front to back and back to front


(August 18) - Walkaround of Nova idling, after much work, little repairs and fixes!