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(2001) During the Princess Auto/POWERFIST 1st Annual Car Show, they had 30 door prizes that they were giving away at the end of the event, and I was lucky enough to win 1 of 10 Princess Auto/Powerfist custom taylored jackets.

(2002) During the 2nd Annual Princess Auto Car Show, I was lucky enough to win a door prize. After they called you up, you got to pick from an assortment of prizes. I was heading for the Sandblaster/Parts Washer, but another gentlemen picked it up. I looked around, nothing really good that I would want, so I picked up another jacket and later gave it to my Dad (He REALLY liked the one I won last year).

(2003) For my 27th birthday, my good friends Kelly & Kyle went and got Personalize License plates for my Nova. 'Novaboy'

Funny thing about this was a few weeks eariler on a day off, I was finally gonna go down and order up 'Novaboy' for me but I never did make it. Boy, would I of been excited finding out 'Novaboy'was already taken. My second choice would of been '1973' or 'MEANGRN'.

Also on my 27th birthday, my friends went out and had a cake made with a picture of my Nova on it. This reminded me of the birthday cakes my mom use to make for me when I was a kid.
I went fishing thru old photo albums and found pictures of my cakes for my 5th & 6th birthdays.

As seen in Page 1, I had made a 'Smiley Face' Air Cleaner lid and use it for most of '96 till I got my Chrome Air Cleaner.

It's back and thanks to my friend Kyle for donating his old chrome lid. I have created, yet another 'Smiley Face' Air Cleaner.

This lid turned out better then expected and it is now being sported on the car. (Some people are worried about me!...)

(August 2005) A friend of Shellys' popped by the Canadian Tire Car Show where we were hanging out and brought Shelly's dog Cleo along. It was a very hot day and poor Cleo could use a drink of water. We were unable to find any containers to pour water into when all of a sudden, something in my mind clicked!.

Seeing how I have 'Doggy-Dish' hubcaps on my nova, we simply just pulled off a cap, cleaned it up and Cleo now had her own 'doggy-dish' for water.

As seen on 'Page 1', I've collected a few more ChevyII & Nova cars over time.

Here's some pictures of my cubical wall at work where I've hung some of my doubles.

On the left was back in 2006, and the one on the right was taken recently 2011. People at work refer to my cubical as 'The Toy Store'.

I love my cars! ... I LOVE MY NOVAS !!

2014, I came across a gentlemen who had a similar story as mine in regards to the Nova. He was building this 73 Nova for his grand-daughter. I became friends with this gentlemen, joined his Nova facebook group called 'Laighlas Nova'. We have talked and traded alot of stories and Nova ideas over time. This gentlemens' name is Doug Towe.

As time passed, there was a posting of people posting their collections of Nova HotWheels or diecast Novas on the facebook group and Doug desperately wanted to find out where he could purchase these cars and have a collection of his own. I don't know why, but something inside me told me, I had to act.

Within my Hot Wheels collections, I have alot of Novas. ALOT!. I pulled out one of each of the Hot Wheels 68 Nova since they debut in 2003, packaged them up and sent them to Doug as a surprise. With some help from his wife, I obtained an address and sent off a box of Nova HotWheels.

Mid-March 2015, Doug posted this 'Nova Light' he bought online and I thought it was really awesome !! ... and I MUST HAVE ONE!!!

Doug & Carol ordered one in green and sent it to me as a surprise. My jaw hit the floor, and I was speechless and couldn't contain my excitement. THIS IS SUCH A BEAUTIFUL GIFT!! .... Thank You so much Doug & Carol!!

The Beautiful Car Acrylic Design is available from Valley View Designs and they have a selection of hundreds of classic and muscle cars ... Look'em up!

More to come ...

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