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After running the Nova for 20 years, there are ALOT of people I need to acknowledge and thank for their involvement in the LONG roadtrip of my 73 Nova Custom.

There are some long winded 'Thank Yous' needing to be said, and some acknowledgements that need to be addressed as well.

First and foremost, Thank You Dad!.

Thank You for always taking the time to keep the car going for me in the early years when I first starting cruisin' in the Nova. Keeping up on the maintenance and upkeep of the car until I eventually able to take it over on my own.

Also appreciate ALL your help over the years during the upgrades & fixes that go on in the garage ... whether it's the Nova or Omega!. Despite our butting heads, I really enjoy your help and company!!

Thank You for coming to my rescue all the times when the car broke down, whether during the day or late at night. I know there were times when I wasn't always the greatest son, but you never let that stop you. THANK YOU!

Thank You for all the helping during my 'Fender Benders' in 96' and 97'. Whether it was just fixing up the hood and grill to coming to the rescue when Autopac (insurance) wanted to write off in '97.

My dad, always took the time to document the cars complete history, from purchases to maintenance records. When we dealt with Autopac after the accidents. Who knows what junkyard the car would have gone too. Thank You for all your help in getting the parts needed.

Thank You to my grandfather, (second owner).

When I was a kid, my grampa used to pick me up from school. He always would tell me (and my friends if they were around) that the Nova was my car.

Thanks again for your efforts & care in looking after the Nova all those years until you eventually passed it down to me. Whether it was by washing it down in the winter time after your trips to the grocery store or by helping to keep it from rusting, sanding it down and touching it up with a paint (paintbrush). The car is still looks great from 20 feet :).

Thanks again Grampa, for not selling the car to those whom had come up to you and asked if it was for sale. Even when offered a good price, you've always turned them down.

Thank You to my Uncle Bob.

From the few occassions where you had to come out (sometimes late at night) to my rescue, (twice in 3 days). One way or another you were able to help me drag/tow the Nova home.

Thanks again Uncle Bob for your old Impala, which donating alot of parts. Some of those pieces/parts are in use in the Nova today (HEI Distributor until 2011).

Also for all your time in taking pictures of the Nova or Omega. Whether it's out at the dragstrip or at the local car meets, really appreciate the pictures !!

I have to give a big THANK YOU to my Mom!

My poor Mom usually has to deal with my Dad on some given days after I get him all-worked up. Depending how or what *I've* done with the Nova or what projects we are working on, in the garage. My Dad and I do things differently, but I hate to admit ... he's usually right 98% of the time.

Thank You for all the times you came out to the dragstrip with Dad, to take hundreds of pictures of the cars (along side with Uncle Bob), to bringing us out lunches and snacks!! (You know it's only a matter of time before we get you behind the wheel of one of the cars and set you down the track).

My mom has also given up space in her garage from time to time. Whether it was to fix the Nova in the early years for a few months to storing my Mustang over the winter, leaving her car outside to the harsh winter elements.

Dan Klim

Thank You Dan for your years of excellent work and workmanship on various projects through out the years. All the machining work you have done for me over the years, ranging from my first 400 block in 2003, to head work along the way, to building my current 12 second setup in the car, nevermind the work you've done for the Omega too!!

VERY MUCH appreciate ALL the help answering countless questions at all times of the day or night ... whether it was a simple question to a full out lesson, THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR TIME!!

. . . .

Over the years of owning/driving my Nova, I've come across many people who have helped me out, one way or another.
I have ALWAYS been greatful and thankful for all the help and support I've received and would like to take a moment and thank some individuals here (in no particular order).

Glenn Evans - A HUGE Thank You to you my friend!! Glenn, has helped me out with everything from small repairs, to helping me build a kick-ass 400. I've learnt a GREAT DEAL about the powertrain of vehicles and how everything works. I have to thank Glenn for ALL his time and patiences, and not to mention the countless hours that my Nova has spent in his garage. Glenn has played a big part in all Project MEANGREEN projects and without his guidance, my car would still be slow and probably still stock today. Thanx again for your patiences and endless hours of instructing and teaching me the ways!!

Craig Bennett - who originally gave me a small spot and some space on his hosting service to start a website for the Nova. Craig got me started in coding and showed me how to setup pages in HTML. He was a big help in getting the ball rolling on this site. Craig was the one to register chevynova.ca for me as a Christmas gift.

Stu Nichol & GLASGOW Autobody - Thank You to Stu Nicol & Glasgow Autobody staff, for their help and work after my accident in 1997. Without them, my Nova wouldn't be on the road today! The crew at Glasgow Autobody did an EXCELLENT job fixing up my Nova!

Trevor Lagsdine - I would like to thank you for all your help with finding Nova Parts, and other Nova stuff over the years. Trevor is best known as the 'Nova Parts guy' in Winnipeg. You need something for your Nova, just give Trev a call. Trev has on occassion offered his time to help me fix up the car when needed, can't forget countless hours of cruisin' together or hanging out at the Car Lots. (Thanks Trev)

Andrew Law & Tim Voros - A BIG Thank You to my old bosses at Osborne Park Service (Petro Canada), where I worked back in the day. For the countless hours when they let me use the shop to work on my Nova after hours. Also Thank You to Andy Cavers, for the nights you 'left' your ToolBox open so that I had tools to use to work on my Nova.

A BIG Thank you to ALL of the Nova ListServ Crew, Bruce Johnson, Craig Watson, Scott Windle for all the references, info, help & knowledge, and advice and Roger Norman, for the hours spent chatting away on ICQ.

Kelly Holmes - A good friend & cruisin' buddy, who has taught me about detailing, wet-sanding and polishing up my car. For the countless hours you helped out in the garage helping Kyle & I wet-sand my car and for letting me use the garage to tinker away on the Nova.

Kyle Hillier - Another good friend & cruisin' buddy, who as mentioned above, helped me out with Wet-Sanding my car and for always being around to offer his to help or advice.

Nevin Preston - Thank You for all your help with Transmission related issues, problems and fixes!! Appreciate the transmission builds over the years ... you build a hell of a good transmission!

Shelly Hastings - My partner in crime, whom has helped me out time and time again with just about anything from minor fixes, major repairs on the Nova.

Brandan Koper - Sound advice and always willing to lend a hand ... appreciate your help over the years !!

Will Tataryn, an old friend who took me under his wing at the car lots back when I first started cruisin' in the Nova. I truely enjoyed our time hanging out at MANY car shows and all the Cruise Nights, EVERY Sunday evening. Always looked forward to Sunday night and hanging out with Will.

Ryan Hanson & C.K. Tool and Machine - Not only one of my best friends, but goes out of his way to acquire tools & supplies needed to be working on our cars. Ryan's also an asset with his help on the cars!

Thank you to the fine artists who have spent their hard working time to bring us some really nice art & animations which decorates our site!

Last but not least, Thank You to my good friend Gabrielle Genyk, for the hours she spent gazing my website and corrected my horrible spelling & grammatic errors.

I sure hope I didn't leave anyone out! If I did, I'm sorry. I don't have the greatest of memory, please email me so I can fix it and add you.

A Final Thank You to YOU, the user who took the time to go through my site and read all about my Nova. Thank you for all the emails too!!

!! Dave's Nova Site has been online since February 19, 1999 (20+ years) !!
Thank You to ALL who have visited the site time and time again!, My site is a success thanks to YOU !!

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