Early August morning, family cabin, parents out somewhere who cares.... drunken monopoly, I'm losing pretty badly. With a quick sociopathic moment, I trade my get out of jail free card for Baltic Avenue, this is working out nicely I am now a slum landlord. I buy saterdays paper off of my cousin Mark for 3 monopoly dollars. Roll the dice... its a 5 I'm now in jail...... Karma kicks my ass again, while in jail I ponder my escape while reading the for sale section. Whats this? a 72 nova, Project 350 4speed...... interesting, must be an auto though, drink again.... Wheres my top hat man.. 4 speed would be nice, must be an illusion. I see a number, a little fuzzy it's 2am, maybe I should call tommorow. I put the paper in my safe spot.. my drunken state tells me it should be safe, unfortunatly I seem to have put it by the fireplace. I recall something along the lines of it being in a bright spot so I will be able to see it.

11am: ow my head... I have the top hat taped to my face, and that nagging feeling to do something. I remember! something about a nova, wheres my paper? My Dad comes into the cabin I ask him about the paper, then comes the news of my spot, my chance of getting my nova has literally gone up in flames. I get on my cell and call winnipeg, hoping someone has saturdays paper. I get ahold of my mom and find out that she has it, I turn around and my cell loses signal. Swearing persues as I try for about 10 minutes to get a signal back, finallly I do and call her and then get a phone number. I call up the guy and ask him about the 4 speed, it's a standard, sweet. Within a few hours I haul ass back to winnipeg and visit the guy with the nova, I get the price and see the car, no doors no front, many colours.... Project is right, but I still wanted it. My dad came back to the city and we checked it out, started it up and that sealed the cars fate in my eyes. Even my dad was wanting me to throw money to get it. Hardest part is getting my mom to agree. I make a deal with the guy to trade in my cutlass for a cavalier, shoot some primer and put it together in one piece. My mom seems happy since I will now have a reliable car to drive so she agrees. Next day money is in hand and the nova deal comes through..... We never speak of the cavalier swap again.

Towing it home: We get it on dollys and start to take it away, the lack of rear shocks make it a little nerve racking as it bounces around. Finally it gets home and we open the door to get the rope out... at least we try, I'm starting to get pissed as I cant figure out why it wont open. A brainstorm comes through and I decide to unlock the door, Success!

First order of buisness: Nova gets a different hood from the nasty fiberglass/bondo hood it had when we put it together, nothing says garbage like wooden fake louvers meant for a bathroom fixture. It ends up staying under a tarp until november when the new garage is built and somehow the nova gets first dibbs, Pushing for a June 21st deadline (2007), starting to wonder if I'll make it.

(July 2009)

It's been just over 2 years from when I had a deadline set for myself for myself back in 2007, and alot in my life has changed.

During those 2 years, my girlfriend and I had a baby boy, and I decided to go back to school and get into a trade. The Nova would have to wait.

With some help from a few good friends, I was able to take the Nova over to Dave's (Novaboy-73) place, where he cleared a spot in his garage. I took a weeks vacation, and damnit I wanted to so badly get the nova on the road. Dave was able to take some time off work to lend a hand. Along came Glenn A., who also swung by to lend a hand. Couldn't of taken my nova to a better place, as any part or parts I was needing ... Dave had.

My biggest problem/challenge was the wiring in the car. We used a wiring harness from a 74 Nova under the hood and swapped out the old chopped up harness. The inside of the car was a mess too! There were loose wires everywhere. Using Dave's cars as a reference point, and the occassional glance in the service manual, we figured out alot of what went where. One big difference between my nova and daves, was I bought my car with a center console. Due to some wiring difficulties, we abandonned wiring up the center console for now.

Next up was the external lights, headlights/brake lights/reverse lights/marker lights. We ended up completely rewiring the trunk, fixing up the existing harness. As the car was coming along, Dave was nice enough to wire up some goodies for me. He added an Electric Trunk release, glove box light and under the dash interior lights. He also ran speaker wires for the back down the right channel, as it is easy to do when theres no interior in the car.

Well, I'm gonna need some gauges. One by one, the gauges were fixed up. We had a heck of a time with the gas gauge, which involved us (Glenn, Dave & myself) dropping the tank and pulling out the sending unit. Turned out the ground wire was broken. We replaced the wire right at the sending unit and connected it up to test. RIGHT ON!, we have a fuel gauge.

I have an assortment of mechanical gauges which were already half-connected/working in the car already, so we went over those too.

Last but not least, interior. I had some bucket seats which came with the car, and we took the time to find a good place to bolt them down. I had purchased some metal brackets which I was intending to use to make seat brackets, but in my haste to get the car over to Daves, I left the brackets out of town where I had stored the Nova. In the meantime, we positioned the seats nicely in the car and bolted them to the floor. Dave was kind enough to donate the old backseat from his Omega to my nova. I still have alot to do before getting to installing the rest of the interior and interior panels.

Still ALOT of little things left to do on the car, but atleast I got it on the road and I'm able to drive it.

Big Thanks to Dave, for his help, his garage (forcing his Omega to park outside) and his parts!. Huge thanks to Glenn for his time helping me fix up my nova. Couldn't of done it without these guys.

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